The Veterans are Shafted Again

Occams-Razor-150x150The budget bill was passed by the Senate today, and is on it’s way to Obama’s desk. But it was a very poorly crafted bill by the combination of Ryan and Murray. It was also rushed through the house by Boehner, who violated his OWN 72 hour rule to get it passed. As a result, it was poorly understood, and, apparently, largely unread. As a result, a real piece of crap was passed and sent to the Senate. (Thank you, Brad Wenstrup, for voting against it.) So far, the Republicans own the blame for this travesty.

But then,the Senate got it. They had more time to read it and digest it. Among myriad faults, it cuts Veteran retirement benefits by $6 B, while leaving tax loopholes for illegal immigrants intact. The Senate Republicans tried to amend the bill to get this, and other inequities rectified. All were rejected by Reid and the Dems. Read the gory details here.

The end result is a deeply flawed bill that is awaiting Obama’s signature. And both parties are at fault, and guilty as sin.


The EPA – Out of Control

Occams-Razor-150x150The EPA has steered way out of the original path set for it. It has set itself up as the sole arbiter of what Americans cannot do – all in the name of saving the planet from the sins of the populace. And they are defining the “sins”, even when there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the proposed regulation. Heritage published a very damning report today on this problem today, which you can read here.

It is a damned shame that Congress has abrogated all oversight of this and other government agencies. But all is not lost. Watchdog groups have sprung up that are monitoring every move, and suing at every realistic chance they get. Just today, the Supreme court accepted a brief in a case against the EPA about power plant regulations. You can read about it in a WUWT article here.

Just because the court accepted it, and is hearing the case, the outcome is far from certain. Remember John Roberts and Obamacare? Thought you might.

Why Conservatives Lose – Part 2

Occams-Razor-150x150It is not enough that conservatives are openly attacked on the floor of the House – twice – by Boehner. That is worse than bad, it is turncoat behavior that cannot be tolerated. I wish his primary contender the best.

But Boehner is only a part of the problem. Karl Rove and Steve LaTourette have set up super PACs whose goal is the defeat of any and all conservatives. And, they really don’t care if a Democrat wins as a result. They are in this for a) themselves and b) money. The continued growth of government feeds these people’s egos and wallets. Read a very good Red State article about this topic here.

Depressed? Get over it, and quickly. Primary season is coming faster than we want, and we must be ready. Donate to conservative candidates, and also donate your time to provide the priceless “boots on the ground” that they will need.

And, starve the RNC, RNCC, and RNSC. They are in cahoots.

Budget Woes

Occams-Razor-150x150Paul Ryan and Patti Murray introduced a “compromise” two year budget (yes, worry) that increases spending by $68 B now, with a promise of $28 B in spending reductions 10 years down the road. Conservative groups, including Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, The Club for Growth, Freedom Works, Heritage Action for America, and many others jumped all over it, condemning the proposal as being an abandonment of conservative principles, and urged conservatives to reject it. Red state has two good articles on it . One is here, and the other is here.

John Boehner then held a press conference, and threw a hissy fit against the conservatives for not supporting this very flawed proposal. He needs to go, and will be primaried.

Now, you need to act, and fast. Call Brad Wenstrup, and tell him to oppose this bill at 513-474-7777. For those of you in other states, call your congressperson.

Time is very short.  The vote could come as early as tomorrow (Thursday 12/12).

Why Conservatives Lose

Occams-Razor-150x150 Sometimes we seem to be very close to winning an agenda item only to see it slip away into the maws of big government.  This theme came up on more than one occasion in the Clermont Tea Party meeting last night.  (The Principles, Nullification, and Right to Work Ohio.)

We wonder why, but the answer is really quite clear, even if repugnant to us.  One of our tenets is Constitutionally Limited Government.  This principle is not only an anathema to the people in Washington, it is construed as a threat.  And this includes most of the allegedly “conservative” Republicans that view government as the end all – be all, and who endlessly strive to expand it – and thereby their own power.  Tonight’s poster boy for at least attempting to wrest defeat from the jaws of victory is John Boehner.  His selection of a chief on immigration is a clear signal that he (and presumably the house leadership) is prepared to completely cave in on Amnesty.  Read the Red State article details here.

Yeah, I hear you, and no, I don’t know what exactly to do at this point either.  I do know that we have to be contacting our congressmen (and women) to urge action against Amnesty for Illegals.  Not PC?  Tough.

I also know that there is going to be a primary challenge to Boehner.  Get behind the challenger.  It is about all there is to do.  If Amnesty goes through, we may all need Spanish language IDs for the next election………