Budget Woes

Occams-Razor-150x150Paul Ryan and Patti Murray introduced a “compromise” two year budget (yes, worry) that increases spending by $68 B now, with a promise of $28 B in spending reductions 10 years down the road. Conservative groups, including Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, The Club for Growth, Freedom Works, Heritage Action for America, and many others jumped all over it, condemning the proposal as being an abandonment of conservative principles, and urged conservatives to reject it. Red state has two good articles on it . One is here, and the other is here.

John Boehner then held a press conference, and threw a hissy fit against the conservatives for not supporting this very flawed proposal. He needs to go, and will be primaried.

Now, you need to act, and fast. Call Brad Wenstrup, and tell him to oppose this bill at 513-474-7777. For those of you in other states, call your congressperson.

Time is very short.  The vote could come as early as tomorrow (Thursday 12/12).