Why Conservatives Lose – Part 2

Occams-Razor-150x150It is not enough that conservatives are openly attacked on the floor of the House – twice – by Boehner. That is worse than bad, it is turncoat behavior that cannot be tolerated. I wish his primary contender the best.

But Boehner is only a part of the problem. Karl Rove and Steve LaTourette have set up super PACs whose goal is the defeat of any and all conservatives. And, they really don’t care if a Democrat wins as a result. They are in this for a) themselves and b) money. The continued growth of government feeds these people’s egos and wallets. Read a very good Red State article about this topic here.

Depressed? Get over it, and quickly. Primary season is coming faster than we want, and we must be ready. Donate to conservative candidates, and also donate your time to provide the priceless “boots on the ground” that they will need.

And, starve the RNC, RNCC, and RNSC. They are in cahoots.