The EPA – Out of Control

Occams-Razor-150x150The EPA has steered way out of the original path set for it. It has set itself up as the sole arbiter of what Americans cannot do – all in the name of saving the planet from the sins of the populace. And they are defining the “sins”, even when there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the proposed regulation. Heritage published a very damning report today on this problem today, which you can read here.

It is a damned shame that Congress has abrogated all oversight of this and other government agencies. But all is not lost. Watchdog groups have sprung up that are monitoring every move, and suing at every realistic chance they get. Just today, the Supreme court accepted a brief in a case against the EPA about power plant regulations. You can read about it in a WUWT article here.

Just because the court accepted it, and is hearing the case, the outcome is far from certain. Remember John Roberts and Obamacare? Thought you might.