The Veterans are Shafted Again

Occams-Razor-150x150The budget bill was passed by the Senate today, and is on it’s way to Obama’s desk. But it was a very poorly crafted bill by the combination of Ryan and Murray. It was also rushed through the house by Boehner, who violated his OWN 72 hour rule to get it passed. As a result, it was poorly understood, and, apparently, largely unread. As a result, a real piece of crap was passed and sent to the Senate. (Thank you, Brad Wenstrup, for voting against it.) So far, the Republicans own the blame for this travesty.

But then,the Senate got it. They had more time to read it and digest it. Among myriad faults, it cuts Veteran retirement benefits by $6 B, while leaving tax loopholes for illegal immigrants intact. The Senate Republicans tried to amend the bill to get this, and other inequities rectified. All were rejected by Reid and the Dems. Read the gory details here.

The end result is a deeply flawed bill that is awaiting Obama’s signature. And both parties are at fault, and guilty as sin.