How the Republicans will Lose the Republic

FlagYes, I know. I am beginning to sound like Johnny One Note. But this is just too important to skip over. If the Republicans do come back from retreat with a “comprehensive immigration reform” plan, or even enough of a plan to go to conference with the Senate, our goose is cooked. We will rather instantly become a socialist state. A free Republic no more.

In case you think that I am overstating, there is a powerful article from (of all people) Ann Coulter. Ann has picked up on an equally powerful article by Phyllis Schafly of the Eagle forum, and combined the best parts of the Eagle article with her own thoughts. The result is a very insightful piece that spells everything out clearly. I encourage you to read the article here.

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Republican Circular Firing Squad, Part 2

FlagThis is getting really, really old. The Republicans left DC today to attend the annual Republican Retreat. So what is on the agenda? Grab a barf bag. “Immigration Reform” (amnesty for the ill informed) is at the top.

The real “news” is that this is a problem that does not need to be solved by “immigration reform” at all. The problem is in the way we fail to adhere to the laws we already have. Think not? Here is an article from the American Thinker that should change your mind.

So, you ask, what to do? There are no easy answers. The Republican Party, over time has dug a hole of political correctness that will be hard to dig out of. Daniel Horowitz of Red State and the Madison Project has an article here that explains clearly where we are, and offers a way back from the abyss.

As Reagan said, “we should be in bold colors, not pale pastels. Could not be truer today.

PS.  Despite being on “retreat” and officially incommunicado, you can bet that they are still in touch with their local offices.  And, in Brad Wenstrup’s case, on FaceBook.  Go after them.  No damn amnesty.  Ever again.

Republican Suicide Squad

FlagI have written on this before, but not quite in these terms. The Republican leadership seems to be on a mission to commit party suicide over the amnesty for illegals issue. The alleged “leadership” will not even call them Illegal.

Get the latest from Red State here. Pretty sad, yes? Well, Red State is not the only bunch that has noticed. National Review (via Breitbart) has also taken on the immigration issue here. It comes from a somewhat different perspective, but is equally valid.

So now what you ask. It is clear that the Republican mainstream cannot be trusted to do anything other than cut their own throats. (And yours.) I look closely at Red State for recommendations on qualified conservative candidates for the house. And, I look to the Senate Conservatives Fund for the Senate Candidates. I also follow Heritage Action to verify my thoughts.

If you have other thoughts, your comments are welcome.

For whatever it is worth, I do not contribute anything to the ORC, RNC, RNCC, or RNSC. They are not our friends.

A Third Type of Lie

Occams-Razor-150x150I am sticking with the theme of the last two days. The government lies, on everything. The difference is that we are expanding the definition a bit. Now I want to include crony, cozy, secretive relations under the category of lies against the populace.

If this level of crony self dealing were to be uncovered in the private sector – or – even within the public sector with a private company, there would be hell to pay.

But this story is about the EPA and the Enviro Organizations. So only conservatives care. This includes you. Read the Fox News article here. Can you even imagine this? The EPA is so far off of its’ original mission and directives as to be unbelievable.

Climate Change Lies

Occams-Razor-150x150Last night I wrote about political lies. Bad stuff. But this is even worse. This about the falsification/restatement about basic “scientific” information that, at least in part, drives governments to act on “climate change”, misdirect resource allocation, and further control individual freedom and liberty.

This is not the first time, either. In 2009, the release of the “Climategate” emails exposed a series of lies that were only designed to mislead the public – and the governments – to benefit the “scientists” of the IPCC. (Keep the grant money flowing).

This time, they are manipulating the data to misrepresent the PAST, to make the present and future look far worse than they are. Many thanks to Steven Goddard for his incisive work, and to Principia Scientific for publishing this in a peer reviewed article. Read the article here, and ask yourself why it takes someone like me to bring it to light. Could it be that the Climate Change crowd is so embedded in government that they will resist the truth forever? For the sake of their own power (and grants)?

Tired of Being Lied To?

Occams-Razor-150x150Like you, I read the poppycock and bull s*** that comes out of our government on almost every topic, and want to get sick. Why? I now know that almost everything that comes out of this administration is far short of the truth. A pack of lies, in other words.

Nowhere is this more true than in the unemployment numbers. These were proved to be fudged for the 2012 election cycle, but the extent of the fudging was not clear.

Until today. In a very clear an readable article, the Washington Examiner made clear the extent of the lying, and how the current measurements are rather starkly different than the ones used before.

The article is here. Read it for understanding.

As usual, your comments are welcome.

Amnesty is coming – Bloomberg

You have seen this before. The “Republicans”, headed by Boehner, Ryan. McCarthy, Cantor. etc. have signaled that they are prepared for “Immigration Reform” (read: amnesty for illegal aliens).

Now, they are joined by former NYC mayor Bloomberg, the anti gun nut, who also wants amnesty. Why?????

Because the folks behind this do not give a damn about America, her founding, principles, or the Constitution. They only care about the cronyism that is the defining characteristic of the US today. Breitbart has an article here that does a good job of explaining the problem.