Great Ideas, No Action

Occams-Razor-150x150Remember Sen. Tom Coburn? Every year he runs out his “Waste” handbook that documents endless billions of Government waste (despite Nancy Pelosi’s claims). After his few minutes before the press, Tom quietly slithers back under his rock, and does NOTHING again and again.

Well, here is another chance for everyone else. Heritage produced their own report on government waste, and it includes some very low hanging fruit. Please read it here.

All well and good, but Heritage is a think tank foundation, not a congress person that actually has the power to DO something. But you can be sure that the report will be read by lots of people that do have that power.

Now, I am betting that not a damned one of them will actually do anything. Zero, Zilch, Nada. Want to bet?


One thought on “Great Ideas, No Action

  1. Doug says:

    I am so tired of NO LEADERSHIP in this country. Including me. But I would love to put my heart and soul behind a True American that is charismatic and constitutional.

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