The Chamber of Cronyism

Occams-Razor-150x150Long ago and far away, in the land before the Tea Party, I used to buy in to the Republican Party BS that the Chamber of Commerce was somehow a bastion of capitalism and free markets. Until the Tea Party happened, and I started reading other news sources, like many blogs.

The Foundry, Red State, Reason, American Thinker, Human Events, etc., etc. are great sources of real, unfiltered information. And soon, I began to think that “If the Chamber of Commerce is for X, X must be bad for freedom, and the people”. And the reverse is just as true. Just to be sure, I signed up for the Chamber’s daily newsletter. Yep. Over the course of time, my loose theorem continues to hold true.

Now, the Chamber has jumped the shark. They have declared open war on conservatives, especially those of us in the Tea Party, even while disavowing the exact thing that they are actively doing. Read the American Thinker piece here. It really is worth the read.  The focus on defeating us in the primaries is certainly their right, but can be self defeating.  I hope it is.

So now what? There is really no action to take. Just be aware that the Chamber of Commerce is really the Chamber of Crony Corporatism, and is not on your side at all. You should sign up with them, just so you know what the enemy is thinking.


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