Climate Change Lies

Occams-Razor-150x150Last night I wrote about political lies. Bad stuff. But this is even worse. This about the falsification/restatement about basic “scientific” information that, at least in part, drives governments to act on “climate change”, misdirect resource allocation, and further control individual freedom and liberty.

This is not the first time, either. In 2009, the release of the “Climategate” emails exposed a series of lies that were only designed to mislead the public – and the governments – to benefit the “scientists” of the IPCC. (Keep the grant money flowing).

This time, they are manipulating the data to misrepresent the PAST, to make the present and future look far worse than they are. Many thanks to Steven Goddard for his incisive work, and to Principia Scientific for publishing this in a peer reviewed article. Read the article here, and ask yourself why it takes someone like me to bring it to light. Could it be that the Climate Change crowd is so embedded in government that they will resist the truth forever? For the sake of their own power (and grants)?


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