Republican Suicide Squad

FlagI have written on this before, but not quite in these terms. The Republican leadership seems to be on a mission to commit party suicide over the amnesty for illegals issue. The alleged “leadership” will not even call them Illegal.

Get the latest from Red State here. Pretty sad, yes? Well, Red State is not the only bunch that has noticed. National Review (via Breitbart) has also taken on the immigration issue here. It comes from a somewhat different perspective, but is equally valid.

So now what you ask. It is clear that the Republican mainstream cannot be trusted to do anything other than cut their own throats. (And yours.) I look closely at Red State for recommendations on qualified conservative candidates for the house. And, I look to the Senate Conservatives Fund for the Senate Candidates. I also follow Heritage Action to verify my thoughts.

If you have other thoughts, your comments are welcome.

For whatever it is worth, I do not contribute anything to the ORC, RNC, RNCC, or RNSC. They are not our friends.


3 thoughts on “Republican Suicide Squad

  1. Kathy Freudenberger says:

    I am with you. My money goes to candidates who, from what I can determine, share my conservative, fiscally responsible, US Constitution compatible principles. We need to expand our personal email lists and express our opinions as readily as those who disagree.


  2. ken walston says:

    The lack of border enforcement is the only crisis we have concerning Illegal Aliens. Any politician proposing anything other than border enforcement is pandering to the Illegal Aliens and should be turned out of office. Illegal Alien legislation is the litmus test for Republicans, those who support any legislation other than border enforcement must go!
    The only people who are pushing for Illegal Alien legislation are the Liberals of both parties, polls show that the public rates it at about 3% as an important issue.

    • occamsedge says:

      Ken, While I wholeheartedly agree that border enforcement is a HUGE problem, I do not think that it is the biggest problem. The Really BIG problem is that we have so many elected officials (both parties) that are willing to ignore their oath to obey and defend the constitution. THEY are the ones that will destroy the country/

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