Climate Change Rebuttal

FlagAfter a couple of days without a computer, I am back. And back to the topic that originally sparked interest in all things political. Namely the fraud that has been variously called Global Warming, Climate change, and Climate disruption.

No matter the name, the science underpinning the UN IPCC has been proven to be a fraud ever since the release of the Climate Gate Emails in 2009 – 2010. Even this did not dissuade the true believers, because the goal was never, ever to cause a change to the climate. The UN and Science Fraudster’s goal was, and is, control of the world and all of the people.

Today, the co-founder of Greenpeace testified before Congress on this. Please read the WWUT article here. He held no punches. Even the co-founder of Greenpeace acknowledges the Fraud.


Welfare Facts You May Not Know

FlagIf, for even a minute, you thought that Clinton’s claim of “The end of welfare as you know it” was true, it is no longer. Today, there are over 80 (yes, 80) “means tested” welfare programs. And there are even more that don’t test for anything.

And that does not count Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or the explosion in SSI (disability).

The ones that are counted cost us nearly $1 Trillion per year. Please read the Heritage article here for details.

And now, please tell me how we are going to keep from going broke without real reform.

And, please be aware that both parties are complicit in this. These programs are the source of congressional power for both sides, not to mention a source of election funding for many.


Will the Next Real Candidate Stand up?

FlagHere we are, closing in rather rapidly on the 2014 primaries. To be followed by a rather meaningless general in November. (The only real choices are made in the Primary.) (Another article coming.)
Soon to follow will be the next set of clowns jockeying for a place in the presidential race. We know already that the RNC, the Consultants, and the entire republican establishment (elites) are going to tell us that we need to be more “moderate” and “inclusive” (especially of illegal aliens). The Tea Party extremists will cost the election. And so on.
As you would expect of me, I disagree most heartily. Reagan said we need a party of bold colors, not pale pastels. It was true then, and it is even more true today. Daniel Horowitz of Red State and the Madison Project agrees. He has an excellent article on this topic here. Read and enjoy.

IRS Targeting of Tea Party

FlagWhen Bill O’Reilly interviewed Obama before the Super Bowl, the Dissembler in Chief stated that there was no targeting of the Tea Party or conservative groups by the IRS.

As it turns out, just a few days later, that was just another Presidential lie, consistent with a pattern of pathological lying by the oval office.

Some emails came to light as a result of the Congressional investigation into the IRS that prove that not only was there targeting, but that the IRS was already using the rules (illegally) that are just now being officially proposed as far back as 2011. The American Thinker has a better article here.

What does this do for your trust in Government? Remember this in the May primaries. Vote Tea Party.