I Think That Putin Won

FlagAs the situation in the Ukraine continues to unfold, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. Putin wins. The US (and NATO) lose, again. Putin is a strong leader anyway, with the courage of his convictions. He just rejected both Obama and Kerry, and is pressing forward with the Russian invasion of (at minimum) Crimea.

And why not? All the US has shown lately is a lack of any kind of leadership, not to mention an utter lack of resolve. “Leading from behind” in Libya. How did that work out? With an overrun consulate, and four dead Americans. Syria, anyone? The “Treaty” has left 95% of the chemical weapons in Assad’s hands, and Al Queda in ascendancy Among the rebels. Iran? The agreement was broached even before it took effect.  We have been insipid, ineffectual, and impotent, to say the least.

So, why aren’t you hearing this – and more – from the MSM? Because they are too busy covering up for Obama and the administration. You can read the truth here, however. Unfortunately for us, the article is from the UK Telegraph. It is almost amazing that we have to read UK papers to get the truth.


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