What if P&G Followed??

Flag  There is a linked article here that documents what Chevron did to beat back the environmentalists, and, more importantly, the corrupt lawyers that tend to glam on to every perceived environmental slight.  You may not like Chevron a lot – or even a little. But you have to give then major points for showing a spine, and winning.

You can find the article from Breitbart London here. London you ask? Yes. The British press publishes actual news, as opposed to AP, etc.  Please read the article, and ponder a minute.  Then read on.

Now, juxtapose this on the P&G event that happened in Cincinnati this week, where Green Peace made fools of P&G security, and essentially walked away. What if P&G had the guts to take them to the mat, both criminally and civilly? Could they win? Probably.

Will they?  Well, it is P&G……….. No.

I am guessing that P&G will not find enough fortitude to even try.


4 thoughts on “What if P&G Followed??

  1. Floyd Brown says:

    I truly hope that P&G demand that the 9 defendants are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.. They are nothing more or less than vandals that destroy property and have no respect for others.. Hopefully they are convicted of the felonies they are charges with and will be subject to all the penalties of a person convicted of a felony.. No voting rights, job loss and disgraced in the eyes of their peers…

    • occamsedge says:

      I heartily agree with you, but P&G needs to do more. The 9 individuals from all over the country are just the tip of the iceberg. The corporate machinery at Green Peace planned and directed this. P&G should sue, for about $150 Billion, enough to drive them out of business entirely.

  2. Nancy Baxter says:

    Amen, Floyd. Nancy B

  3. Cal says:

    Like all liberal groups they will only go for bigger if you don’t beat them down a time or two really good! The liberals have carefully worked their way into P&G upper echelons so it may be a long row to hoe. But this should be done for the benefit of all of the stock holders and retirees of any corporation.

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