Give Away Internet Freedom?

Right now, the Internet Naming Rights are controlled by the US, under ICAAN and the NCS. It has been this way since the end of the military control, in the 1970’s. It has worked very well so far. The Internet has remained free, and really divergent views can be published there, as long as ICAAN issues a domain name, which they have done rather reliably.

But, for more than a decade, the “International Community” (read UN) has been demanding a say on this. Last week, Obama – single handedly – decided to cede the US supremacy to the “International Community” (Again, Read UN).

This is a hot button for me. I could not run my business without a free and unfettered internet. Breitbart has more to say about it. Please read the article here. And make sure that your representatives know what you think about it.


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