Climate Models Exposed

I needed a break from politics. So, Global Climate Change is back, front and center. But, after you read this, you may well conclude that all I did was switch flavors of politics, as science seems to be missing on the Warmist side of the discussion.

I have two articles here to make the point. The first is rather straightforward and easy to read. The second is the original article that the Powerline article was derived from. It is a great article, but rather long, and pretty heavy on the science. If you find the first one intriguing, try the second.

The subject is the Climate Models that are the centerpiece of the IPCC (and all warmist’s) arguments. The bottom line is that they do not work. At all. And they never have. If you cannot backcast – predict with certainty – what has already happened, you cannot forecast with any degree of accuracy. Hence, your model is just bovine scatology.

Powerline says it much better than I do. Their article is here. Please read and enjoy.

If you liked that, Watts Up With That published Dr. Ball’s full article, that you can read here. You were warned. It is long, and you need to put your science hat on. But go ahead. I would not have linked to it if it did not add value.


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