Futher Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

I have posted on this topic many times in the past, most recently about the idiocy surrounding the pronouncements of one Jeb Bush.

But, while I argued about individual parts of the stupidity, I did not put it into a comprehensive framework. Thankfully the Madison Project has, and you can read their excellent article here. (For what it is worth, I read it twice to make sure that I had absorbed it all.) Read and enjoy. Then keep it in mind as election season unfolds.

This is an issue that will only get bigger as the election nears.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans are pushing it.  Why?  To satisfy the demands of the Chamber of Commerce and their crony corporatist friends who are ever seeking cheap labor.  The country be damned.


One thought on “Futher Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

  1. Cal says:

    Right on. Also it seems that Jeb Bush may be related to Al Gore.

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