Climate Models Exposed

I needed a break from politics. So, Global Climate Change is back, front and center. But, after you read this, you may well conclude that all I did was switch flavors of politics, as science seems to be missing on the Warmist side of the discussion.

I have two articles here to make the point. The first is rather straightforward and easy to read. The second is the original article that the Powerline article was derived from. It is a great article, but rather long, and pretty heavy on the science. If you find the first one intriguing, try the second.

The subject is the Climate Models that are the centerpiece of the IPCC (and all warmist’s) arguments. The bottom line is that they do not work. At all. And they never have. If you cannot backcast – predict with certainty – what has already happened, you cannot forecast with any degree of accuracy. Hence, your model is just bovine scatology.

Powerline says it much better than I do. Their article is here. Please read and enjoy.

If you liked that, Watts Up With That published Dr. Ball’s full article, that you can read here. You were warned. It is long, and you need to put your science hat on. But go ahead. I would not have linked to it if it did not add value.


Give Away Internet Freedom?

Right now, the Internet Naming Rights are controlled by the US, under ICAAN and the NCS. It has been this way since the end of the military control, in the 1970’s. It has worked very well so far. The Internet has remained free, and really divergent views can be published there, as long as ICAAN issues a domain name, which they have done rather reliably.

But, for more than a decade, the “International Community” (read UN) has been demanding a say on this. Last week, Obama – single handedly – decided to cede the US supremacy to the “International Community” (Again, Read UN).

This is a hot button for me. I could not run my business without a free and unfettered internet. Breitbart has more to say about it. Please read the article here. And make sure that your representatives know what you think about it.

Where is the line on Corruption?

I did not intend to write about Ohio Republicans, the IUOE, Workplace Freedom, or the edges of corruption tonight. But I got the same link that I am including here from three different people tonight. Please read it. It will answer questions that we have all asked, without getting any answers.

1) With Michigan and Indiana having recently converted to “right to work” states, why has Ohio not moved forward?

2) Why have the unfunded pension and health liabilities not been addressed?

Do you think that money might be involved? If you said no, please re-read the article.

And, by reading the article, figure out who you want to support in the upcoming elections.

Another Ugly Turn by the Establishment

This would have been a good post on the Tea Party web site, but it is rater blatantly partisan, which is not allowed. I am under no such constraints.

I have written before about how the Republican establishment is openly working to thwart Tea Party, Libertarian, and other liberty minded candidates during the upcoming primaries.

Now it has moved to open warfare, and is no longer limited to just the primaries. The war now includes the general elections. This move has been reported in a number of places, but nowhere as succinctly and pointedly as at Red State. I encourage you to read Erick’s article here.

Done reading? Good. Now follow the suggestions, get out your wallets, and thwart the establishment efforts.

What if P&G Followed??

Flag  There is a linked article here that documents what Chevron did to beat back the environmentalists, and, more importantly, the corrupt lawyers that tend to glam on to every perceived environmental slight.  You may not like Chevron a lot – or even a little. But you have to give then major points for showing a spine, and winning.

You can find the article from Breitbart London here. London you ask? Yes. The British press publishes actual news, as opposed to AP, etc.  Please read the article, and ponder a minute.  Then read on.

Now, juxtapose this on the P&G event that happened in Cincinnati this week, where Green Peace made fools of P&G security, and essentially walked away. What if P&G had the guts to take them to the mat, both criminally and civilly? Could they win? Probably.

Will they?  Well, it is P&G……….. No.

I am guessing that P&G will not find enough fortitude to even try.

I Think That Putin Won

FlagAs the situation in the Ukraine continues to unfold, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. Putin wins. The US (and NATO) lose, again. Putin is a strong leader anyway, with the courage of his convictions. He just rejected both Obama and Kerry, and is pressing forward with the Russian invasion of (at minimum) Crimea.

And why not? All the US has shown lately is a lack of any kind of leadership, not to mention an utter lack of resolve. “Leading from behind” in Libya. How did that work out? With an overrun consulate, and four dead Americans. Syria, anyone? The “Treaty” has left 95% of the chemical weapons in Assad’s hands, and Al Queda in ascendancy Among the rebels. Iran? The agreement was broached even before it took effect.  We have been insipid, ineffectual, and impotent, to say the least.

So, why aren’t you hearing this – and more – from the MSM? Because they are too busy covering up for Obama and the administration. You can read the truth here, however. Unfortunately for us, the article is from the UK Telegraph. It is almost amazing that we have to read UK papers to get the truth.

Climate Change Rebuttal

FlagAfter a couple of days without a computer, I am back. And back to the topic that originally sparked interest in all things political. Namely the fraud that has been variously called Global Warming, Climate change, and Climate disruption.

No matter the name, the science underpinning the UN IPCC has been proven to be a fraud ever since the release of the Climate Gate Emails in 2009 – 2010. Even this did not dissuade the true believers, because the goal was never, ever to cause a change to the climate. The UN and Science Fraudster’s goal was, and is, control of the world and all of the people.

Today, the co-founder of Greenpeace testified before Congress on this. Please read the WWUT article here. He held no punches. Even the co-founder of Greenpeace acknowledges the Fraud.