Remember Benghazi? What’s Up Now?

Do you remember the furor that surrounded the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya? Susan Rice? Hillary Clinton? The lies about the “demonstration” that allegedly preceded the attack?

Well, well. The CIA chief, Morrell, kinda, sorta, fesses up. Yes, he lied, and covered up for Hillary. (I know he said the State Department, but …..)

Read the article from Breitbart here. Now, if you can, please tell me why we still do not have any answers, let alone action from Congress, please inform me.

I await your answers.


Phony Scandals?? Try again.


Do you remember when Obama dismissed Benghazi as a phony scandal? Me too. Well, it was not phony, and it is a scandal. Despite the administrations pleadings that the cover up is not a scandal, it is, and Obama and co. need to pay. Just read the latest Fox News article here. Not political? Yes it is. It is just one more cover up for the Islamists.

For more detail on the failure of the Government to chase the culprits, and the lack of a reward, see here.

Understanding the Media

I am sure that you have seen, as I have, a number of articles that have posited that the media would start to be more honest, and even critical now that Obama has been elected to his second term. Really? I saw no evidence, and certainly have seen no inclination to be more like reporters and less like acolytes in the Benghazi scandal (Fox excepted).

Quite the contrary. The Benghazi story has been deliberately steered from one of Government failure to a sex scandal featuring Petraeus, and now Allen. As if infidelity is something new. But the malfeasance of Benghazi, and the subsequent series of lies, as well as the cover up should have been unrelenting news. As should the incompetence of FEMA and the administration in the face of (and aftermath of) Sandy.

But today, Breitbart had a really good article on what is driving the media, and what we can really expect. You can read it here. It struck me as painfully true. And sickening. Decide for yourselves.

Benghazi, Again

I had rather hoped that I had written the final time about Benghazi. But, I was wrong. Both the AP and Reuters came out with articles today (Sat., 11/3) that attempt to absolve the administration of any guilt, let alone duplicity. This is wrong. These outlets are nothing but shills for the Obama campaign.

Therefore, a two part article. Part 1 is the latest from Fox, which uncovers the latest classified cables from WELL before the attack, and lays the blame squarely at the feet of the administration. You can read it here.

Part 2 is the backstory. Somebody (or somebodies) laid their butts on the line to feed the information to this author at American Thinker. It is the story of the regime’s thinking, approach, and directives for not only this, but also to Afghanistan, and the War on Terror (or no war on terror) in general. What a horror story. The American Thinker article is here. Yes, it is a bit long, but very much worth your time.

This is very important information that is being both stonewalled and whitewashed by the “Obama Mania Media”, to borrow a term.

We only have a couple of days to get the truth out. Please send this to your friends – all of them. Tuesday will decide.

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Roger Baxter

The Benghazi Episode Continues

Another day, another big revelation about Benghazi. It is a crying shame that only Fox News is even covering this scandal. A classified cable from August was unearthed, asking for additional security about a month before the (now widely acknowledged) terrorist attack, was rebuffed by the State Department (and maybe higher). What the Hell?

And why, after more than a month, are other media outlets not only silent, but actually whitewashing this for the administration? (Try Yahoo or Google news, and gag.)

The fox News Article is here.

To be fair, RealClearPolitics also has a very good article, but they are not exactly mainstream – yet. Read their article here.

And, get mad. Redouble your efforts for the election. We MUST win.

November 6 is just a starting point. There is much more work to do.