Has It Really Come to This?

I have commented – rather too often – on this blog as to how the establishment Republicans are operating against their own party platform, and trying to sabotage the actual conservatives in their base, along with any and all Liberty group candidates.

We know, because the Chamber of Cronyism and the Establishment itself has told us, that the monied interests are the actual drivers of their actions. Principles have no place in their political equations. Their soul (if any of them have one) has been sold to big business self interest long ago.

But I underestimated the depth that it had sunk to. Breitbart (and many others) have reported that the Republican Establishment have stated that if Jeb Bush is not the winning candidate, they would rather see Hillary Clinton win than any Conservative. See the Breitbart article here, please.

Then, get really mad and fired up for thr upcoming elections. The Tea Party and Liberty groups MUST make this one a landslide.


Remember Benghazi? What’s Up Now?

Do you remember the furor that surrounded the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya? Susan Rice? Hillary Clinton? The lies about the “demonstration” that allegedly preceded the attack?

Well, well. The CIA chief, Morrell, kinda, sorta, fesses up. Yes, he lied, and covered up for Hillary. (I know he said the State Department, but …..)

Read the article from Breitbart here. Now, if you can, please tell me why we still do not have any answers, let alone action from Congress, please inform me.

I await your answers.

What if P&G Followed??

Flag  There is a linked article here that documents what Chevron did to beat back the environmentalists, and, more importantly, the corrupt lawyers that tend to glam on to every perceived environmental slight.  You may not like Chevron a lot – or even a little. But you have to give then major points for showing a spine, and winning.

You can find the article from Breitbart London here. London you ask? Yes. The British press publishes actual news, as opposed to AP, etc.  Please read the article, and ponder a minute.  Then read on.

Now, juxtapose this on the P&G event that happened in Cincinnati this week, where Green Peace made fools of P&G security, and essentially walked away. What if P&G had the guts to take them to the mat, both criminally and civilly? Could they win? Probably.

Will they?  Well, it is P&G……….. No.

I am guessing that P&G will not find enough fortitude to even try.

Republican Suicide Squad

FlagI have written on this before, but not quite in these terms. The Republican leadership seems to be on a mission to commit party suicide over the amnesty for illegals issue. The alleged “leadership” will not even call them Illegal.

Get the latest from Red State here. Pretty sad, yes? Well, Red State is not the only bunch that has noticed. National Review (via Breitbart) has also taken on the immigration issue here. It comes from a somewhat different perspective, but is equally valid.

So now what you ask. It is clear that the Republican mainstream cannot be trusted to do anything other than cut their own throats. (And yours.) I look closely at Red State for recommendations on qualified conservative candidates for the house. And, I look to the Senate Conservatives Fund for the Senate Candidates. I also follow Heritage Action to verify my thoughts.

If you have other thoughts, your comments are welcome.

For whatever it is worth, I do not contribute anything to the ORC, RNC, RNCC, or RNSC. They are not our friends.

Its Back, and It is not Good


The “Farm Bill” is back, and the left is demanding that it be inserted into the “Cliff” negotiations. I saw this several times today, including Freedom Outpost, and Newsmax, as well as here. Curiously, nobody mentioned that the “Farm Bill” is mostly loaded with “SNAP” (formerly known as food stamp) benefits (75 -80% of the total).

Regardless, Breitbart News had an article about the other deleterious effects of the bill that I only tangentially was aware of. Wow! It is even worse than I already thought – and I thought it was horrible to begin with. Please read the article here.

So, What is next? Let us dive off of the cliff, and blame Obama and the Democrats. It probably won’t stick, given the proclivities of the mainstream press, but it will not be as bad as advertised, either. Many of the taxes can be ducked, and will be. The alleged “draconian” cuts are actually only reductions in the rate of spending growth, not actual dollar reductions in spending. Much ado about very little.

What say you?