Climate Alarmism, Past & and Present

In honor of Lenin’s birthday, also known as “Earth Day”, I just could not resist.

The media has been full of stories lately about the dire straits we will be in unless we dramatically dial back our lives and economy to mitigate “climate change”. Back to the 18th century, or we are doomed. So sayeth the UN IPCC.

The problem is that we have heard this darkest of scenarios, from the very same outfit before. Many times. American Thinker has a brief, and entertaining article on the reprise that you can read here.

Fast forward to today . In addition to the IPCC report, there is now a new, peer reviewed report from the NIPCC that turns the UN report on it’s head, essentially refuting or reversing every UN claim. You should read the article from Watts Up With That here.

Too much like fun.


Climate Change Rebuttal

FlagAfter a couple of days without a computer, I am back. And back to the topic that originally sparked interest in all things political. Namely the fraud that has been variously called Global Warming, Climate change, and Climate disruption.

No matter the name, the science underpinning the UN IPCC has been proven to be a fraud ever since the release of the Climate Gate Emails in 2009 – 2010. Even this did not dissuade the true believers, because the goal was never, ever to cause a change to the climate. The UN and Science Fraudster’s goal was, and is, control of the world and all of the people.

Today, the co-founder of Greenpeace testified before Congress on this. Please read the WWUT article here. He held no punches. Even the co-founder of Greenpeace acknowledges the Fraud.

Climate Change Lies

Occams-Razor-150x150Last night I wrote about political lies. Bad stuff. But this is even worse. This about the falsification/restatement about basic “scientific” information that, at least in part, drives governments to act on “climate change”, misdirect resource allocation, and further control individual freedom and liberty.

This is not the first time, either. In 2009, the release of the “Climategate” emails exposed a series of lies that were only designed to mislead the public – and the governments – to benefit the “scientists” of the IPCC. (Keep the grant money flowing).

This time, they are manipulating the data to misrepresent the PAST, to make the present and future look far worse than they are. Many thanks to Steven Goddard for his incisive work, and to Principia Scientific for publishing this in a peer reviewed article. Read the article here, and ask yourself why it takes someone like me to bring it to light. Could it be that the Climate Change crowd is so embedded in government that they will resist the truth forever? For the sake of their own power (and grants)?

More Lies. The IPCC. NOAA This Time


We all know that governments lie. Generally, they lie more often than they tell the truth.

But you have to wonder why they would bother risking a lie, when the truth is so easy to uncover. Unless you believe that there was no recorded history before you were born, circa 1975.

Well, the UN (IPCC), NOAA, NWS, and a couple of others are guilty of lying here. Fortunately, Real Science (Stephen Goddard) was able to capture the lie, and surround it in truth in a captivating and amusing manner. Enjoy this article. Comments encouraged.

The Next Climate Change Fight

There is an upcoming series of events that should prove to be very interesting, and perhaps even amusing on the “Climate Change” front. NRO publishes an opinion piece by Mark Steyn that called the climate models used by Mann, et. al. fraudulent.

Mike Mann blew his lid, and has promised a lawsuit. Investors Business Daily has reported on the dust-up, here.

The problem for Mann & co., is that once he files suit, the NRO is entitled to full discovery. That means that every detail that he has tried to hide will become a public record. You can bet that Rich Lowry, and the National Review staff will have an absolute ball with this. Stay tuned.

How to claim Global Warming with BS

he Global warming folks are at it, again. They never quit. But, at the same time, they never seem to get the facts even close to right, because the facts are inconvenient.

The following link from Powerline will serve to illustrate that, in spades.

Full disclosure: I was part of Anthony Watts’ surface station project, albeit a bit player, along with 650 others. But I am glad that the truth is finally emerging.

The Powerline article is here. Read, enjoy, and get educated.