The Takers are Winning

You have seen this before. In the USA, the takers are rapidly outpacing the makers. CNS news had a new article on this today. The takers outnumber the makers 1.7:1. And yes, this includes people like me that receive Social Security and Medicare. And while we contributed to these most all of our lives, the Federal Government appropriated and spent our contributions long ago. (See the Heritage article that I posted on the Clermont Tea Party facebook page for details.)

To see all of the gory details of the CNS news article, click here.


Debt Ceilings, Deficits, and Stupidity


Once again, the government wants to raise the debt ceiling. Only this time, Obama has gone from calling a rise in the debt ceiling a “failure of leadership” (2006) to claiming that a failure to do so will cause another recession, if not a depression.

Well, we have raised the dept ceiling on way too many occasions in the past. To get a good grip on how well that has worked, please read the CNS News article here – paying particular attention to the table at the end of the piece.

Not exactly an encouraging history, is it? But there are real structural (political) system faults that make the result likely. A short, very readable article from Breitbart is here that will go a long way to help explain it..

Unstated is the fact that we, as a people are seemingly unwilling to stand on our own feet, with individual responsibilities for our own welfare. The government candy store has become way too convenient and compelling.