The Takers are Winning

You have seen this before. In the USA, the takers are rapidly outpacing the makers. CNS news had a new article on this today. The takers outnumber the makers 1.7:1. And yes, this includes people like me that receive Social Security and Medicare. And while we contributed to these most all of our lives, the Federal Government appropriated and spent our contributions long ago. (See the Heritage article that I posted on the Clermont Tea Party facebook page for details.)

To see all of the gory details of the CNS news article, click here.


Just Winning Elections is Not Enough

Ted Stevenot posted today on the OLC site, and on his own site, about the need to “pamphleteer” via social media to increase the breadth of reach for grassroots conservatives and Libertarians. All very true, and very necessary if we are going to decide election outcomes.

But, simply winning elections should not be the sole goal, as it is for the RNC and DNC. To them, winning is everything, regardless of the character of the candidate, and with absolutely NO regard to the policy that would guide us back to constitutionally limited government.

An article by Mike Needam, of Heritage and Heritage Action drove the point home yesterday. Please take a few minutes, and read the article, here.

The major parties and many of the players are not looking out for your interests. They are all cronies, and are only looking out for their own narrow interests (and their power).

I recommend that you pay attention to Tea Party Patriots, the Senate Conservative Fund, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin instead.

Welfare Facts You May Not Know

FlagIf, for even a minute, you thought that Clinton’s claim of “The end of welfare as you know it” was true, it is no longer. Today, there are over 80 (yes, 80) “means tested” welfare programs. And there are even more that don’t test for anything.

And that does not count Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or the explosion in SSI (disability).

The ones that are counted cost us nearly $1 Trillion per year. Please read the Heritage article here for details.

And now, please tell me how we are going to keep from going broke without real reform.

And, please be aware that both parties are complicit in this. These programs are the source of congressional power for both sides, not to mention a source of election funding for many.


Great Ideas, No Action

Occams-Razor-150x150Remember Sen. Tom Coburn? Every year he runs out his “Waste” handbook that documents endless billions of Government waste (despite Nancy Pelosi’s claims). After his few minutes before the press, Tom quietly slithers back under his rock, and does NOTHING again and again.

Well, here is another chance for everyone else. Heritage produced their own report on government waste, and it includes some very low hanging fruit. Please read it here.

All well and good, but Heritage is a think tank foundation, not a congress person that actually has the power to DO something. But you can be sure that the report will be read by lots of people that do have that power.

Now, I am betting that not a damned one of them will actually do anything. Zero, Zilch, Nada. Want to bet?

The EPA – Out of Control

Occams-Razor-150x150The EPA has steered way out of the original path set for it. It has set itself up as the sole arbiter of what Americans cannot do – all in the name of saving the planet from the sins of the populace. And they are defining the “sins”, even when there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the proposed regulation. Heritage published a very damning report today on this problem today, which you can read here.

It is a damned shame that Congress has abrogated all oversight of this and other government agencies. But all is not lost. Watchdog groups have sprung up that are monitoring every move, and suing at every realistic chance they get. Just today, the Supreme court accepted a brief in a case against the EPA about power plant regulations. You can read about it in a WUWT article here.

Just because the court accepted it, and is hearing the case, the outcome is far from certain. Remember John Roberts and Obamacare? Thought you might.

While You Weren’t Looking


Obamacare is busily sucking all of the oxygen out of the atmosphere, at least according to most of the press. Important? Certainly. It may well be THE defining issue of our time. But it is not the only issue. Beyond Obamacare, government continues to expand its’ power and scope beyond all reason, and hidden behind the screaming headlines of today. But our freedoms are being stolen behind the curtain.

The current case is trans fats. (Think, Crisco, Margarine, and the like.) They were originally developed to counter the alleged evils of saturated fats. (Think Butter, Lard, Olive Oil, etc.). It is interesting that the case for trans fats has never been made – either for or against. Based on current research, the same can be said about the case for saturated fats. But, we now have the FDA preparing to ban Trans Fats in the absence of any real proof of harm. has a good, but lengthy article on it here. Heritage has the Reader’s Digest version here. And, now that you are done reading, what is the point of this? To reduce choice and freedom. And to put all of us under even more Federal control.

But it is in your best interest – at least in the view of the bureaucratic apparatchiks in DC. And, if you think that it is but one small item not worth a protest, guess again. Salt and sugar are next on the FDA hit list. Read about it here.

So, what are you going to do about it?  Get involved!  I am biased.  Joint the Clermont County Tea  Party.  Not in Ohio?  No problem.  Join Heritage Action for America (different from Heritage), Tea Party Patriots, or FreedomWorks.  All are deserving, good folks that can help change the trajectory.  Spend some time learning about candidates, and contribute to their campaigns directly.  Do not support the traditional parties.  Your money will be wasted on a lot of things that will not help at all.

And, folks, the FDA is just a small example of how we are losing our liberty. The EPA, IRS, DOE (both) are far worse, but harder to pin down.

Obamacare Is Just The Starting Point


If you pay attention to the mainstream media, you probably think that the only thing the Democrats (and some Republicans) care about is insuring the continued funding of Obamacare. Is it important to them? Yes, but it is just the beginning of an even bigger fight.

The democrats enter the debt ceiling fight with the stated position that THEY would rather see the government shut down than to try to govern without huge increases in spending. This year’s levels are simply not enough. Heritage has an excellent article on the topic here.

The opening salvo was Nancy Pelosi saying that there was nothing in the budget left to cut. This has now been picked up and amplified by others in party leadership.

For my own part, I say “Go for it”. I am sure that the USA can get by without government. (As you know, essential services must continue.)