Climate Alarmism – By Design

If you have even scant attention to the news, you are aware that the UN’s IPCC released their fifth assessment report, which can be quickly summarized: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IMMEDIATELY, unless we give up on modernity and give up on energy.

You had to look very closely (Fox, Drudge, Climate Depot, etc.) to find that the NIPCC released a report on exactly the same topic, But they came to a diametrically opposite conclusion. Yeah, we were warming a bit before the pause (17 years and counting), and that was good. CO2 is even better, in terms of plant life and harvests.

Why such a divergence?

It is in the underpinnings of the UN IPCC itself. Born of Malthus, and reborn of Ehrlich (and cronies), the base given is that mankind is destroying the planet, and must be stopped. From there, the outcome of any allegedly “scientific” endeavor is a given. We are evil, and the population must suffer in the name of Gaia.  In short, “science” is not involved at all.  It is all a political manipulation.

Watts up With That has a great article on this, that explains the intricacies far better than I can. I encourage you to read it here.  You will be enlightened.

Remember always. Governments Lie. Always, all the time. And the UN is certainly no exception.


More Lies. The IPCC. NOAA This Time


We all know that governments lie. Generally, they lie more often than they tell the truth.

But you have to wonder why they would bother risking a lie, when the truth is so easy to uncover. Unless you believe that there was no recorded history before you were born, circa 1975.

Well, the UN (IPCC), NOAA, NWS, and a couple of others are guilty of lying here. Fortunately, Real Science (Stephen Goddard) was able to capture the lie, and surround it in truth in a captivating and amusing manner. Enjoy this article. Comments encouraged.

World Temperatures and Grain Production


Sometimes, a person needs to take a bit of a break from the weighty issues of the day. A sanity check, of sorts, and a bit of fun, too.

Today was one heck of a bad day for the IPCC and global warmists in general. Deutsche Bank quit trading Carbon futures, when the EU price dropped below $4/Mton. Goodbye, carbon market. The Japanese government released temperature data for the last 30 years that is lower than the data from NOAA, or the IPCC.

And, Willis Eschenbach of WWUT published an article that eviscerates the claim that warming will severely hamper grain yields. This one is fun, because it debunks the most recent claims by Paul Ehrlich, one of my most despised (alleged) “scientists”. Read it here.

A Climate Change Game Changer?


Normally, news about IPCC (UN) reports rattle around the blogs, which get little notice in the Lamestream media. This time around, it is a little different. A draft of the upcoming IPCC AR 5 report was leaked, and it shows that temperature projections by the IPCC are rather remarkably different from reality.

First reported by Anthony Watts,the leaked report has been picked up by a bunch of people, not just the skeptical blogs. Today, it showed up at Forbes, and the Washington Times. That version is here.You will want to expand the graph to get the full import.

Will this get enough traction to change the argument? Danged if I know. I can only hope.