Climate Alarmism – By Design

If you have even scant attention to the news, you are aware that the UN’s IPCC released their fifth assessment report, which can be quickly summarized: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IMMEDIATELY, unless we give up on modernity and give up on energy.

You had to look very closely (Fox, Drudge, Climate Depot, etc.) to find that the NIPCC released a report on exactly the same topic, But they came to a diametrically opposite conclusion. Yeah, we were warming a bit before the pause (17 years and counting), and that was good. CO2 is even better, in terms of plant life and harvests.

Why such a divergence?

It is in the underpinnings of the UN IPCC itself. Born of Malthus, and reborn of Ehrlich (and cronies), the base given is that mankind is destroying the planet, and must be stopped. From there, the outcome of any allegedly “scientific” endeavor is a given. We are evil, and the population must suffer in the name of Gaia.  In short, “science” is not involved at all.  It is all a political manipulation.

Watts up With That has a great article on this, that explains the intricacies far better than I can. I encourage you to read it here.  You will be enlightened.

Remember always. Governments Lie. Always, all the time. And the UN is certainly no exception.

Remember Benghazi? What’s Up Now?

Do you remember the furor that surrounded the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya? Susan Rice? Hillary Clinton? The lies about the “demonstration” that allegedly preceded the attack?

Well, well. The CIA chief, Morrell, kinda, sorta, fesses up. Yes, he lied, and covered up for Hillary. (I know he said the State Department, but …..)

Read the article from Breitbart here. Now, if you can, please tell me why we still do not have any answers, let alone action from Congress, please inform me.

I await your answers.

Climate Change Lies

Occams-Razor-150x150Last night I wrote about political lies. Bad stuff. But this is even worse. This about the falsification/restatement about basic “scientific” information that, at least in part, drives governments to act on “climate change”, misdirect resource allocation, and further control individual freedom and liberty.

This is not the first time, either. In 2009, the release of the “Climategate” emails exposed a series of lies that were only designed to mislead the public – and the governments – to benefit the “scientists” of the IPCC. (Keep the grant money flowing).

This time, they are manipulating the data to misrepresent the PAST, to make the present and future look far worse than they are. Many thanks to Steven Goddard for his incisive work, and to Principia Scientific for publishing this in a peer reviewed article. Read the article here, and ask yourself why it takes someone like me to bring it to light. Could it be that the Climate Change crowd is so embedded in government that they will resist the truth forever? For the sake of their own power (and grants)?

Tired of Being Lied To?

Occams-Razor-150x150Like you, I read the poppycock and bull s*** that comes out of our government on almost every topic, and want to get sick. Why? I now know that almost everything that comes out of this administration is far short of the truth. A pack of lies, in other words.

Nowhere is this more true than in the unemployment numbers. These were proved to be fudged for the 2012 election cycle, but the extent of the fudging was not clear.

Until today. In a very clear an readable article, the Washington Examiner made clear the extent of the lying, and how the current measurements are rather starkly different than the ones used before.

The article is here. Read it for understanding.

As usual, your comments are welcome.

More Lies. The IPCC. NOAA This Time


We all know that governments lie. Generally, they lie more often than they tell the truth.

But you have to wonder why they would bother risking a lie, when the truth is so easy to uncover. Unless you believe that there was no recorded history before you were born, circa 1975.

Well, the UN (IPCC), NOAA, NWS, and a couple of others are guilty of lying here. Fortunately, Real Science (Stephen Goddard) was able to capture the lie, and surround it in truth in a captivating and amusing manner. Enjoy this article. Comments encouraged.

The Apex of Hyprocrisy


Once again, Obama has gone beyond the pale. He delivered a particularly hateful speech today against the coming sequester, blaming Republicans for all kinds of evils, including first responder layoffs. This is the absolute apex of hypocrisy for at least two main reasons:

1) The “Sequester” was his idea, and his proposal. The Republicans went along with it in the 2011 budget fiasco to at least get some future budget cuts in return for a debt ceiling increase. Now, the Prince of Lies is blaming them for his OWN plan.

2) There are no actual “cuts” – defined as a reduction of dollars actively being spent in the alleged sequester. The alleged cuts are only reductions in the level of forecast spending, brought to you by the magic of baseline budgeting, where anticipated spending increases are automatically baked into the budget. “Draconian Cuts”? Hardly. Merely decreases in the planned rate of increases.

And yes, I know that I am sidewise with some conservative groups that I normally support on this. But, I have done my homework. There are no real cuts, just cuts in the rate of growth, and that is only $82.5 B – out of $3.4 T in total spending. Just a bit more than the recently passed Sandy Relief bill of $60 B, and less than the $85 B/Mo than the Fed leaks out in QE4.

And we are supposed to swallow this whole? You can get the flavor of it by reading a Red State article here. Or, go directly to Red State or Human Events, and get a whole lot more. Sickening.

Understanding the Media

I am sure that you have seen, as I have, a number of articles that have posited that the media would start to be more honest, and even critical now that Obama has been elected to his second term. Really? I saw no evidence, and certainly have seen no inclination to be more like reporters and less like acolytes in the Benghazi scandal (Fox excepted).

Quite the contrary. The Benghazi story has been deliberately steered from one of Government failure to a sex scandal featuring Petraeus, and now Allen. As if infidelity is something new. But the malfeasance of Benghazi, and the subsequent series of lies, as well as the cover up should have been unrelenting news. As should the incompetence of FEMA and the administration in the face of (and aftermath of) Sandy.

But today, Breitbart had a really good article on what is driving the media, and what we can really expect. You can read it here. It struck me as painfully true. And sickening. Decide for yourselves.