Futher Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

I have posted on this topic many times in the past, most recently about the idiocy surrounding the pronouncements of one Jeb Bush.

But, while I argued about individual parts of the stupidity, I did not put it into a comprehensive framework. Thankfully the Madison Project has, and you can read their excellent article here. (For what it is worth, I read it twice to make sure that I had absorbed it all.) Read and enjoy. Then keep it in mind as election season unfolds.

This is an issue that will only get bigger as the election nears.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans are pushing it.  Why?  To satisfy the demands of the Chamber of Commerce and their crony corporatist friends who are ever seeking cheap labor.  The country be damned.


Will the Next Real Candidate Stand up?

FlagHere we are, closing in rather rapidly on the 2014 primaries. To be followed by a rather meaningless general in November. (The only real choices are made in the Primary.) (Another article coming.)
Soon to follow will be the next set of clowns jockeying for a place in the presidential race. We know already that the RNC, the Consultants, and the entire republican establishment (elites) are going to tell us that we need to be more “moderate” and “inclusive” (especially of illegal aliens). The Tea Party extremists will cost the election. And so on.
As you would expect of me, I disagree most heartily. Reagan said we need a party of bold colors, not pale pastels. It was true then, and it is even more true today. Daniel Horowitz of Red State and the Madison Project agrees. He has an excellent article on this topic here. Read and enjoy.

Republican Circular Firing Squad, Part 2

FlagThis is getting really, really old. The Republicans left DC today to attend the annual Republican Retreat. So what is on the agenda? Grab a barf bag. “Immigration Reform” (amnesty for the ill informed) is at the top.

The real “news” is that this is a problem that does not need to be solved by “immigration reform” at all. The problem is in the way we fail to adhere to the laws we already have. Think not? Here is an article from the American Thinker that should change your mind.

So, you ask, what to do? There are no easy answers. The Republican Party, over time has dug a hole of political correctness that will be hard to dig out of. Daniel Horowitz of Red State and the Madison Project has an article here that explains clearly where we are, and offers a way back from the abyss.

As Reagan said, “we should be in bold colors, not pale pastels. Could not be truer today.

PS.  Despite being on “retreat” and officially incommunicado, you can bet that they are still in touch with their local offices.  And, in Brad Wenstrup’s case, on FaceBook.  Go after them.  No damn amnesty.  Ever again.

Owning the Future Of The Republic

I have written and posted in prior days about the need to remove Boehner from the speaker position. He has taken the de-funding of Obamacare off of the table, which, in my small mind, borders on the criminal.

But, in my narrow focus, I have missed – or at least minimized – a bigger problem that Speaker Boehner presents. In a very good article on Red State today, Daniel Horowitz presented the bigger picture about why Boehner must go. To me, removing the gavel, and handing it to Paul Ryan or Jim Jordan was enough. Not true for Mr Horowitz. Read the Red State article here, and decide for yourselves.

Anybody up to the challenge of going head to head in a primary in OH8? Hope so. This weak RINO needs to go.