Just Winning Elections is Not Enough

Ted Stevenot posted today on the OLC site, and on his own site, about the need to “pamphleteer” via social media to increase the breadth of reach for grassroots conservatives and Libertarians. All very true, and very necessary if we are going to decide election outcomes.

But, simply winning elections should not be the sole goal, as it is for the RNC and DNC. To them, winning is everything, regardless of the character of the candidate, and with absolutely NO regard to the policy that would guide us back to constitutionally limited government.

An article by Mike Needam, of Heritage and Heritage Action drove the point home yesterday. Please take a few minutes, and read the article, here.

The major parties and many of the players are not looking out for your interests. They are all cronies, and are only looking out for their own narrow interests (and their power).

I recommend that you pay attention to Tea Party Patriots, the Senate Conservative Fund, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin instead.


Obama’s Coal Plant Campaign Promise


Obama made innumerable campaign promises in 2008. Most of them, such as “the most transparent administration”, and dozens of others turned out to be lies. But he is well on his way to “fundamentally transforming” this country, and not in a way that any right thinking person could have even envisioned, let alone agree with.

He is also fulfilling his promise to the extreme environmental left. He promised to “bankrupt” anyone that built a coal plant, Many of the regulations to do that take place this month. Red State has a very good article here that is truly frightening.

Add that to the explosion in food stamps, people on disability, the reduction in workforce participation, and the looming specter of Obamacare, and you get the edges of the outline of his “transformation”.

Be afraid, but not paralyzed. Take action in conjunction with your local Tea Party, Tea Party Patriots, or Heritage Action for America.

Conservatives Fighting Back


Hope Springs Eternal. I hope that this time it is more than just hope, because hope is not a strategy.

It now seems that several conservative groups are going to align themselves against Karl Rove and his Orwellian named fund. Karl Rove is no conservative, and his “Conservative Fund” is anything but. It is an all out effort to defeat true conservatives at the primary level, leaving only establishment Republicans (read: RINOs) standing.

I like the groups that are aligned already, but I am a bit dismayed that Freedomworks, Heritage Action for America, and others are not signed on as well. As a member of both (and a Heritage Sentinel) I will work on them from within.

I do encourage you to read the Breitbart article about the alliance so far here.