Climate Alarmism, Past & and Present

In honor of Lenin’s birthday, also known as “Earth Day”, I just could not resist.

The media has been full of stories lately about the dire straits we will be in unless we dramatically dial back our lives and economy to mitigate “climate change”. Back to the 18th century, or we are doomed. So sayeth the UN IPCC.

The problem is that we have heard this darkest of scenarios, from the very same outfit before. Many times. American Thinker has a brief, and entertaining article on the reprise that you can read here.

Fast forward to today . In addition to the IPCC report, there is now a new, peer reviewed report from the NIPCC that turns the UN report on it’s head, essentially refuting or reversing every UN claim. You should read the article from Watts Up With That here.

Too much like fun.


Climate Alarmism – By Design

If you have even scant attention to the news, you are aware that the UN’s IPCC released their fifth assessment report, which can be quickly summarized: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IMMEDIATELY, unless we give up on modernity and give up on energy.

You had to look very closely (Fox, Drudge, Climate Depot, etc.) to find that the NIPCC released a report on exactly the same topic, But they came to a diametrically opposite conclusion. Yeah, we were warming a bit before the pause (17 years and counting), and that was good. CO2 is even better, in terms of plant life and harvests.

Why such a divergence?

It is in the underpinnings of the UN IPCC itself. Born of Malthus, and reborn of Ehrlich (and cronies), the base given is that mankind is destroying the planet, and must be stopped. From there, the outcome of any allegedly “scientific” endeavor is a given. We are evil, and the population must suffer in the name of Gaia.  In short, “science” is not involved at all.  It is all a political manipulation.

Watts up With That has a great article on this, that explains the intricacies far better than I can. I encourage you to read it here.  You will be enlightened.

Remember always. Governments Lie. Always, all the time. And the UN is certainly no exception.

Climate Models Exposed

I needed a break from politics. So, Global Climate Change is back, front and center. But, after you read this, you may well conclude that all I did was switch flavors of politics, as science seems to be missing on the Warmist side of the discussion.

I have two articles here to make the point. The first is rather straightforward and easy to read. The second is the original article that the Powerline article was derived from. It is a great article, but rather long, and pretty heavy on the science. If you find the first one intriguing, try the second.

The subject is the Climate Models that are the centerpiece of the IPCC (and all warmist’s) arguments. The bottom line is that they do not work. At all. And they never have. If you cannot backcast – predict with certainty – what has already happened, you cannot forecast with any degree of accuracy. Hence, your model is just bovine scatology.

Powerline says it much better than I do. Their article is here. Please read and enjoy.

If you liked that, Watts Up With That published Dr. Ball’s full article, that you can read here. You were warned. It is long, and you need to put your science hat on. But go ahead. I would not have linked to it if it did not add value.

Climate Change Rebuttal

FlagAfter a couple of days without a computer, I am back. And back to the topic that originally sparked interest in all things political. Namely the fraud that has been variously called Global Warming, Climate change, and Climate disruption.

No matter the name, the science underpinning the UN IPCC has been proven to be a fraud ever since the release of the Climate Gate Emails in 2009 – 2010. Even this did not dissuade the true believers, because the goal was never, ever to cause a change to the climate. The UN and Science Fraudster’s goal was, and is, control of the world and all of the people.

Today, the co-founder of Greenpeace testified before Congress on this. Please read the WWUT article here. He held no punches. Even the co-founder of Greenpeace acknowledges the Fraud.

AGW – Temperature data falsified

I am truly in my comfort zone with this post.

Anthony Wattts (Watts Up With That), along with Steven McIntyre. Evan Jones, and John Christy – all respected Scientists and/or Meteorologists have prepared a paper that absolutely demolishes Richard Mueller and his “BEST” study. It points to anti-ethical if not fraudulent adjustments to the surface temperature, by a lot of people, including NOAA. It also points to a pattern of reporting that is made to maximize their AGW views, even before the “adjustments”. (Complete disclosure: I was a bit player on the surface stations project.

The link from is a bit long, and rather scientific in nature, but well worth your while. You can read it here.

For shorter versions, go to, where the entire first page is devoted to summaries of the paper, which was only released in draft form, pending peer review.

Editorial note: It is unlikely that you will ever see an article about this in the MSM. Anything that debunks “Climate Change” is antithetical to their agenda. As is the case with all things socialist in nature, the objective of the left is CONTROL. Your life, Your energy, your cars, your diet. In short, you. Think about that.