Has It Really Come to This?

I have commented – rather too often – on this blog as to how the establishment Republicans are operating against their own party platform, and trying to sabotage the actual conservatives in their base, along with any and all Liberty group candidates.

We know, because the Chamber of Cronyism and the Establishment itself has told us, that the monied interests are the actual drivers of their actions. Principles have no place in their political equations. Their soul (if any of them have one) has been sold to big business self interest long ago.

But I underestimated the depth that it had sunk to. Breitbart (and many others) have reported that the Republican Establishment have stated that if Jeb Bush is not the winning candidate, they would rather see Hillary Clinton win than any Conservative. See the Breitbart article here, please.

Then, get really mad and fired up for thr upcoming elections. The Tea Party and Liberty groups MUST make this one a landslide.


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