Climate Alarmism, Past & and Present

In honor of Lenin’s birthday, also known as “Earth Day”, I just could not resist.

The media has been full of stories lately about the dire straits we will be in unless we dramatically dial back our lives and economy to mitigate “climate change”. Back to the 18th century, or we are doomed. So sayeth the UN IPCC.

The problem is that we have heard this darkest of scenarios, from the very same outfit before. Many times. American Thinker has a brief, and entertaining article on the reprise that you can read here.

Fast forward to today . In addition to the IPCC report, there is now a new, peer reviewed report from the NIPCC that turns the UN report on it’s head, essentially refuting or reversing every UN claim. You should read the article from Watts Up With That here.

Too much like fun.


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