Has It Really Come to This?

I have commented – rather too often – on this blog as to how the establishment Republicans are operating against their own party platform, and trying to sabotage the actual conservatives in their base, along with any and all Liberty group candidates.

We know, because the Chamber of Cronyism and the Establishment itself has told us, that the monied interests are the actual drivers of their actions. Principles have no place in their political equations. Their soul (if any of them have one) has been sold to big business self interest long ago.

But I underestimated the depth that it had sunk to. Breitbart (and many others) have reported that the Republican Establishment have stated that if Jeb Bush is not the winning candidate, they would rather see Hillary Clinton win than any Conservative. See the Breitbart article here, please.

Then, get really mad and fired up for thr upcoming elections. The Tea Party and Liberty groups MUST make this one a landslide.


Climate Alarmism, Past & and Present

In honor of Lenin’s birthday, also known as “Earth Day”, I just could not resist.

The media has been full of stories lately about the dire straits we will be in unless we dramatically dial back our lives and economy to mitigate “climate change”. Back to the 18th century, or we are doomed. So sayeth the UN IPCC.

The problem is that we have heard this darkest of scenarios, from the very same outfit before. Many times. American Thinker has a brief, and entertaining article on the reprise that you can read here.

Fast forward to today . In addition to the IPCC report, there is now a new, peer reviewed report from the NIPCC that turns the UN report on it’s head, essentially refuting or reversing every UN claim. You should read the article from Watts Up With That here.

Too much like fun.

The Takers are Winning

You have seen this before. In the USA, the takers are rapidly outpacing the makers. CNS news had a new article on this today. The takers outnumber the makers 1.7:1. And yes, this includes people like me that receive Social Security and Medicare. And while we contributed to these most all of our lives, the Federal Government appropriated and spent our contributions long ago. (See the Heritage article that I posted on the Clermont Tea Party facebook page for details.)

To see all of the gory details of the CNS news article, click here.

Climate Alarmism – By Design

If you have even scant attention to the news, you are aware that the UN’s IPCC released their fifth assessment report, which can be quickly summarized: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IMMEDIATELY, unless we give up on modernity and give up on energy.

You had to look very closely (Fox, Drudge, Climate Depot, etc.) to find that the NIPCC released a report on exactly the same topic, But they came to a diametrically opposite conclusion. Yeah, we were warming a bit before the pause (17 years and counting), and that was good. CO2 is even better, in terms of plant life and harvests.

Why such a divergence?

It is in the underpinnings of the UN IPCC itself. Born of Malthus, and reborn of Ehrlich (and cronies), the base given is that mankind is destroying the planet, and must be stopped. From there, the outcome of any allegedly “scientific” endeavor is a given. We are evil, and the population must suffer in the name of Gaia.  In short, “science” is not involved at all.  It is all a political manipulation.

Watts up With That has a great article on this, that explains the intricacies far better than I can. I encourage you to read it here.  You will be enlightened.

Remember always. Governments Lie. Always, all the time. And the UN is certainly no exception.

Futher Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

I have posted on this topic many times in the past, most recently about the idiocy surrounding the pronouncements of one Jeb Bush.

But, while I argued about individual parts of the stupidity, I did not put it into a comprehensive framework. Thankfully the Madison Project has, and you can read their excellent article here. (For what it is worth, I read it twice to make sure that I had absorbed it all.) Read and enjoy. Then keep it in mind as election season unfolds.

This is an issue that will only get bigger as the election nears.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans are pushing it.  Why?  To satisfy the demands of the Chamber of Commerce and their crony corporatist friends who are ever seeking cheap labor.  The country be damned.

Just Winning Elections is Not Enough

Ted Stevenot posted today on the OLC site, and on his own site, about the need to “pamphleteer” via social media to increase the breadth of reach for grassroots conservatives and Libertarians. All very true, and very necessary if we are going to decide election outcomes.

But, simply winning elections should not be the sole goal, as it is for the RNC and DNC. To them, winning is everything, regardless of the character of the candidate, and with absolutely NO regard to the policy that would guide us back to constitutionally limited government.

An article by Mike Needam, of Heritage and Heritage Action drove the point home yesterday. Please take a few minutes, and read the article, here.

The major parties and many of the players are not looking out for your interests. They are all cronies, and are only looking out for their own narrow interests (and their power).

I recommend that you pay attention to Tea Party Patriots, the Senate Conservative Fund, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin instead.

Remember Benghazi? What’s Up Now?

Do you remember the furor that surrounded the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya? Susan Rice? Hillary Clinton? The lies about the “demonstration” that allegedly preceded the attack?

Well, well. The CIA chief, Morrell, kinda, sorta, fesses up. Yes, he lied, and covered up for Hillary. (I know he said the State Department, but …..)

Read the article from Breitbart here. Now, if you can, please tell me why we still do not have any answers, let alone action from Congress, please inform me.

I await your answers.