Requiem for Jeep

Dang. This one hits too close to home. I own a Jeep Wrangler, and have owned Jeeps off and on for nearly thirty years. Mostly uncomfortable, but extremely rugged vehicles. But, when the one I own wears out, never again.

I became discouraged when Chrysler went under, and was bailed out by Obama and co. in 2009. I was appalled when Fiat bought 2/3 of it out of bankruptcy. (I have a long history with Fiat, none of it good.)

But today was the last straw. The Washington Examiner reports that Fiat is in negotiations to move all Jeep production to China (2nd largest market, 2 existing plants). Wait a minute. Move one of the few remaining American Icons to China? All of it?

OK, at one level, I get it. The ChiComs have lower production costs. But at what cost to the brand and the respect that the brand has earned? I will never own another one. You can read the Examiner article here, and decide for yourselves.


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